Curbside Product Display w Backdrop Signage at the Quad City International Airport

Place your outdoor ready product on the curb in front of the airport.

Nothing beats your actual piece of equipment being exposed to travelers with disposable income. And, with this placement, travelers waiting for their rides can get up close and see the details.  You also receive a window vinyl wrap behind the display position for branding and messaging.

The display area includes in-ground anchors to secure your equipment and light sensitive flood lamps to illuminate the spot when it gets dark.

Please see annual and monthly pricing breakdowns below.
Curbside Display 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 5 Year
$/Per Month 700 630 596 526
Annual Investment 8,400 7,560 7,149 6,310

One time production from camera ready art for window vinyl wrapping including file management, proofing, printing, delivery and installation is $550.