Recharging Stations Branding & Messaging

Concourse B

Your company can now be the exclusive sponsor of the Quad City International Airport’s two Recharging Stations.

Enjoy high-profile signage as well as well as branded engagement for busy travelers needing to power up their laptops, tablets and phones.  One, two, three and five year commitments are available.

Each station is under-going renovation to have new counter tops and bar-height stools for convenient and comfortable recharging while waiting for flights.

As the exclusive Recharging station sponsor, you will receive:

  • Opportunity for high impact wall graphics at two recharging stations, one on Concourse A and one on Concourse B

  • Opportunity for branding associated with Recharging Stations on two way finding signs.

  • Sponsor/advertiser responsible for all costs associated with developing, printing, and installing said signage, to be coordinated with AdMospheres

Please see mock-up images and pricing below.

Annual Commitments 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 5 Year
$/Per Month 667 600 567 501
Annual Investment 8,000 7,200 6,808 6,010