QCIA Audience Stats

Quad City International Airport Passenger Info

             Enplaned: 333,975
             Deplaned: 331,716
             Total: 665,691

             Enplaned: 359,451
             Deplaned: 357,421
             Total: 716,872

  Enplaned: 367,048
             Deplaned: 363,244
             Total: 730,292

    Enplaned: 372,101
             Deplaned: 366,297
             Total: 738,398.

             Enplaned: 383,027
             Deplaned: 380,389
             Total: 763,416


Scarborough Research Study:

A nationwide Scarborough research survey found that Business Frequent Flyers are 83 percent more likely than all American adults to be the first to try or buy new products and services. Airports, a “high dwell time environment,” deliver a captive audience and provide advertisers with a potential for strong returns on investment. In addition, according to the survey, approximately three in four Frequent Flyers and Business Frequent Flyers both notice airport advertising and take the time to actually read the message. Read more…


The Arbitron Airport Advertising Study:

Exploring an Undiscovered Upscale Medium Airline travelers, especially Frequent Flyers, are some of the most affluent and upscale consumers in the U.S. The Arbitron Airport Advertising Study shows how you can reach these consumers via a relatively untapped advertising medium: airport advertising. Due to new security restrictions, travelers are spending more time in airports than ever before. Tap into this “captive audience” of sophisticated consumers by advertising to their lifestyles, not just their business needs.

Highlights from the study:

  • Airline travelers are sophisticated shoppers. They are more likely to buy designer clothes, luxury cars and cutting-edge personal digital devices.
  • Frequent Flyers account for nearly 60% of all airport advertising impressions, and males 25-54 constitute the largest segment of Frequent Flyers.
  • Frequent Flyers are heavily exposed to traditional outdoor media. Forty-five percent of them log more than 261 miles per week in an automobile, while only 32% of average Americans do.
  • Forty-six percent of airline travelers are spending more time at the airport.

US Airport Demographics

  • Men 57.4%
  • Women 42.6%
  • Married 60.6%
  • Single 39.4%


  • Age 25-54 76.7%
  • Age 35-54 40.2%


  • Graduated College or Further 63.9%
  • Post-Graduate Degree 27.2%


  • Full Time Employment 77.6%
  • Professional/Managerial 60.3%
  • Top Management 12.5%

Home Ownership

  • Owns a Home 74.1%
  • Value of Owned Home: $150,000+ 60.7%


  • HHI $75,000+ 70.4%
  • HHI $100,000+ 54.0%
  • HHI $150,000+ 25.2%


  • Spent 3+ nights in a hotel in the past year 63.6%
  • Spent 3+ nights in a hotel for business in the past year 41.1%
  • Spent 3+ nights in a hotel for leisure in the past year 46.9%
  • Owns cellular/digital phone 58.1%
  • Has internet access 97.0%

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